• Kay Rodgers

Boho Bridal Styled Shoot

Friday nights have changed a bit since the C-word hit us, and last Friday was no different - I spent last it chasing a beautiful dried flower crown around a windy and muddy field in Essex and stepping in multiple cow pats...Sounds fun, right?!

It was all for a good cause though - we had a gorgeous model, a stunning dress (Juniper by Rebecca Ingram From Grace & Lace Colchester) and the most incredible bouquet of dried flowers and a flower crown from the lovely Dilly's Colchester.

And it was windy. WINDY. Very windy. Chaos ensued, but some of the photos of the dress and model's hair blowing around ended up being my favourites, so whatever the weather is on your day, embrace it - windy, rainy, snowing - go for it, get out with your photographer and get some awesome snaps!

I've posted a few favourites here, and keep an eye on my instagram and facebook over the coming weeks for some more beautiful bridal goodness.

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