• Kay Rodgers

Doorstep Photos, 2020

After publishing my Nottingham lockdown portraits, I was inundated with messages from people who wanted a photo to remember 2020 (though I'm not sure we could ever forget it?!). I decided to turn these photos into a bit of a fundraiser for Nottinghamshire Mind, a charity close to my heart, who help people struggling with their mental health; while some of us might have enjoyed the extra time to ourselves, lockdown meant that others were struggling more than usual being at home all day, sometimes alone, with few distractions and a lot happening in the world to worry about.

So for a small donation, I hit the streets of Nottingham during my daily exercise, capturing doorstep photos of families during lockdown. As a photographer, being limited to people's doorsteps was challenging, but I quickly learnt that the people I was photographing told their own stories, and I just needed to capture them. I met so many lovely people and also managed to raise nearly £300 for Mind, which I hope will help to make a difference to the people who need it.

You can read more about my Nottingham Doorstep Photo project in this interview by Will Corbett.

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