• Kay Rodgers

Peak District Engagement Shoot - Ladybower Reservoir

Two of my favourite things are autumn and the Peak District, so when Jill and Dan got in touch about their engagement shoot and told me they lived in Wilmslow, the peaks seemed the perfect place to meet in the middle for their photoshoot. I’ve spent a lot of time in the Peaks the last few months and I knew that Ladybower was one of the only places that still had some hints of Autumn left - so the plan was made.

When I arrived I was a little bit horrified by how many cars and people there were - so I had a drive around and found a secluded spot a little further from the main parking. With absolutely no phone service I text Jill the change of plans and walked about half a mile in the hope of some signal - result - a quick flash of 4g and we arranged to meet.

On our walk to the first spot I’d picked out, we noticed a small area by the water, hidden away from the public view, so with a quick change of plan, and some clearing away of some rubbish left behind, we had out spot for the first part of the shoot, perfectly positioned in front of some amazing autumn colours across the reservoir.

When Jill, who is from America, got in touch, one of her questions was when the UK’s golden hour was at this time of year, to which I had to break it to to her that unfortunately it doesn’t really exist in November in the UK. However by some total luck, the day we met was one of the first clear days for weeks, so with some hope I suggested a walk up to the hills overlooking the reservoir for a (very early) potential golden hour at 3.15pm. 25 minutes (and some questionable footwear choices) later, we reached the top at almost the perfect time. Gorgeous golden hour in one of my favourite spots. More peak district shoots, please <3

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