• Kay Rodgers

Quarantine, Sherwood 2020

While so much has happened in the last two months, the result of quarantine is that actually, it feels like nothing is happening at all. No-one in the streets, bars or shops. No trips out, visits with friends or playing in the parks. But then I realised that something great and photo-worthy was actually happening, because I (and I might be alone here...) have loved lockdown. Time made for family and friends, time to read, getting to know my neighbours, DIY, painting the house (twice) and supporting local businesses. So I wanted to capture how other Sherwood residents have felt about the last few weeks, and how they have been spending their time.

Thank you to everyone who let me take their photo, whether they were;

Trying to figure out the new baby in lockdown thing

Enjoying the weekend after 5 long and tiring days working in a care home

Reluctantly having a photo taken in exchange for the delivery of 2 pints of milk

Having cup of tea after a day of volunteering - delivering meals to those in need

Reopening your business and bringing some happiness and normality back to the community

Taking a break from a day's gardening

Persuading all 3 kids to look at the camera at once

Having a pint at the front of your house while saying hi to the neighbours

Reading on the doorstep, because the sun has left the back garden

Homeschooling 2 kids while keeping the family business running

Waking up after a night shift at a care home and getting to know your new housemates

Watching the world go by (or not) from the upstairs window

Welcoming another lockdown baby

Giving the front door a (yellow) makeover

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