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Top 5 reasons to have an engagement shoot

If you're booking your wedding photography and wondering whether you should have an engagement shoot as part of your wedding photography package, take a look at my top reasons below to go for it;

  1. Get to know your photographer. Your photographer is going to be around for most of your wedding day, so an engagement shoot is a great way to spend some time with them beforehand so you're relaxed around each other. Your photographer will also get to know what you're like as a couple during your pre-shoot, so that they can figure out what will work best for you on the day when it comes to your photos.

  2. Get used to a big scary camera. No really, it's not that big or scary, but we all tend to crumble a bit when faced with something other than an iphone, so your engagement shoot is the perfect time to face your fears when it comes to having your picture taken and banish your awkward school photo smile foreverrrr.

  3. Make the most of your hair and make up trial - Instead of being all dressed up with nowhere to go after your trial, you might want to book your engagement shoot on the same day. A. You'll look really bloody good in your pictures (winner) and B. you can see how your makeup will look in your wedding photos (and decide if that bright blue eye shadow was really good idea...)

  4. Keep your nanna happy - Seriously, grandmas love 'proper photos. Mantlepiece classic!

  5. You might actually have fun! It doesn't have to be super serious. If you guys like to drink beer together, go wild swimming, or make cocktails at home, we can do that! Take a look at my ideas for your engagement shoot to see what I mean.

Lastly, if you're not sure who you want to book for your wedding photos, an engagement shoot can be a good way to see if you get on with a photographer and like their photos. Or if you have already decided to book, I offer a discount if you add an engagement package to your wedding photography booking, just get in touch to find out more :)

Photo: Sophie and Ian's Clumber Park engagement shoot

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