• Kay Rodgers

"Where should we have our engagement shoot?"

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

If you're booking a couples or engagement photoshoot with me, either on it's own or as part of your wedding photography package, your next question you might be 'where are we going?!'

As a photographer I definitely like to have creative input into photoshoots, but this is one question I think is best left to you. Where did you meet? Where do you spend your weekends? What do you like to do together? If you're a walking in the woods kind of couple, let's do that. If you're a beers on the beach kind of couple, let's go to the coast. Picnics, campervans, coffee, dogs (definitely dogs. All the dogs) - whatever makes you, you, then let's make that a part of your engagement shoot. After all, it would be a bit boring if every couple was just frolicking in a field (but you know....if frolicking in a field is your thing then we can do that too!).

That said, I do have a long list of dreamy engagement photo locations, so if you're drawing a blank let's chat and find the perfect spot for you.

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